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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  July 8, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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ed rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? jim: they're headed to this hole right here, the 17th, which kelly parred, potter eagled in regulation. second hole of the playoff coming up for the title at the greenbrier classic in white sulphur springs, west virginia. here's what happened earlier for the three. ted. absolute dead center. eagle. this was to go one up then a little while later.
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kelly hadn't missed many putts around that length. six eagles for the week and ian, you've been out there watching it all week long. it's the second easiest hole and what do you expect we'll see out of these two? ian: both players are capable of reaching this green in two, that's for sure. troy kelly hit just a hybrid pin high with his second. and, of course, ted potter jr. eagled the hole in regulation. holing a 25-footer. the hole has seen three eagles today. one from ted potter. 27 birdies. that's just today. so pretty similar to the first three round. water all the way up the right. 616 yards. both players in regulation drove it into the center of the fairway. so they have good visual, that's for sure. good memories of the last time
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around. nick: yeah, the nice thing about this you can aim at that rectangular bunker in the middle of the fairway and pull it a little to the left for safety and that's absolutely perfect. ian: i agree the left side is best. even slightly in the left rough isn't too bad. nick: i think that hole would play tougher if they played it a smidgen shorter. if you want to get up you have to drive it between the bunker and the river down the right. ian: i agree because they can't reach the bunker in the middle of the fairway. 250 yards down. peter: in regulation play, ted potter jr. took a whale at his tee shot. ian: he certainly did.
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remember, ted potter had to sit around for quite a while waiting for the playoff to start. it hasn't hurt his swing too much. he didn't go and hit balls. peter: it was too hot. jim: we'll be back to the greenbrier classic in just a greenbrier classic in just a moment.
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jim: tonight, "60 minutes" back to back, the good wife, "the mentalist" on america's number one network. both players in the fairway at 17. a five par, the second hole of the playoff at the greenbrier
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classic. think about world rankings and i mentioned ted potter jr. is 218 in the world. troy kelly is 464. >> you drove in right behind us. >> sunday night around midnight. >> we stopped two towns -- it was maybe 40 or 50 miles. we stopped in there. >> we weren't planning on driving all the way over. ian: very friendly discussion. both players over 300 yards. jim: john huh, 296 in the world when he won earlier this year. rookie on tour. ben curtis at royal st. georges, number 396. ian: that's right.
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first time ever in an open or a major. jim: and look what we have here today. it's amazing to think how much is riding on it for each of them. ian: it's amazing that ted potter has missed six of his last seven cuts coming in here and has performed like an established player. very calm, seemingly. nick: i mentioned last night when he came to the tower. remember that amazing run that bill rogers had. he missed five or six cuts before we won at hilton head, went on to win the open championship and then won everything that year. ian: tied for 69 in his last seven starts. peter: there has to be some comfort in knowing they're playing a fell peer. both unknowns.
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ian: it's a career changer as far as exexemptions are concerned for the winner. but just to say you were in a playoff in a pga tour event, it's a big difference from their previous resumes. peter: ted potter jr. is not going to hold back, it looks like from this club selection. ian: should be able to nail it up short of the greenside bunkesters -- bunkers. ian: he'll be hoping that gets into the sand and not the fescue. difficult shot if it stays in that thick matted down fescue short of the bunker. didn't quite catch that cleanly. good straight shot, though. peter: he's ok. he's five, six paces short of the bunker, ian. ian: i can't see from my tower. there it is.
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it's in the fairway. nice clean lie. he'll have 45 yards left to the hole. troy kelly in his 15th start of the season. turned into a career-low round of 62 yesterday in the third round. david: i have him right at 300 to the hole. he played in the last round with u.s. open champion webb simpson. ian: he got to see webb struggle across the back nine. he missed this green to the right last time. i thought his thoughts weren't positive enough. david: he carried two utility clubs. ian: he's turned that one over. david: it's the stronger of the two.
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david: oh! landed in the fescue cam back into the sand. ian: so kelly with a bunker shot of about 20 yards. all the pressure on ted potter jr. on his next shot. heaking. nk[ honk! ] we well i never. [ male announcer ] avis, the official rental car heofheheouga tour. ea ad to rr special.eals. wanted toro vide tebetter employee benes while balancing thcoy'mpany's bottom line, their very fstd word was... o [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac fl a ac♪ [ male announcer ] official supltaemental insurance sponsr of the pga tour. [ yawning sound ] olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small busines earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! put it on my spark rd [ highit ]ched ] nice doin' business with you! [ garth ] why settle f l great buses sesdee serve the mo rdsewar!
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awe!ese! [ ma ancnnounc ] s thepa rk business carfrapom capital o. sechoose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! atwhat's in your wall? jim: "big brother" all the high jinks will commence on thursday. with the season premiere here on cbs. good summer fun once again. so here we are in the playoff. second hole of the playoff with troy kelly, ted potter jr. at the greenbrier classic and that is kelly in the bunker. potter is short of it in two. each of them lying two. we go back out to ian baker-finch. ian: i didn't like the look of the eye -- lie there for ted potter jr. it's right beside an old
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difficult. there you go. the ball is lying nicely but that will be -- nick: they need to swap, to be honest. i'd rather have that chip than that bunker shot. look, he's got no stance. he's got a really difficult bunker shot for troy. when you get one foot out of the bunker you can't get any leverage, any turn in your lower back and then you're prone to have a stab at it. plus, more sand has been raked up the corners of the bunkers. that could be an awkward lie for a long bunker shot. ian: the flag is 20 on so he's maybe 30 to the hole. and 10 yards farther back is ted potter. nick: yeah, plus he's got to fly it over that ridge, ian. ian: the pitch shot is an interesting one. if he nidse to -- decides to go low, he pitches it into the
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upslope. if he decides to go high from that tightish lie, which is tricky to do when you're nervous and tense, you have to fly all the way back there and you bring over the back end of play. the flag is only 10 feet from the back edge. nick: plus, you have to be absolutely precise on your landing point over that ridge. anything short of it -- you play the lob and it touches the ridge it kills it there. ian: peter, the lie reasonable? peter: the lie is fine. he's got all kinds of options. he can go low and release it up there or fly it on top. i think flying it on top is more dangerous. ian: he looks to me like he's going to two-bounce it. yep. into the upslope and bounce it up. peter: that was the perfect shot. well executed. ian: beautiful play.
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four feet left for birdie for ted potter jer and -- jr. beautifully play. wonderful touch. that was not an easy shot. very quiet with the lower half. got the ball absolutely precisely. nick: of course, he's thrown some serious pressure now to match that. ian: that is never an easy shot to be able to pitch that cleanly and land it short of the upslope and let it trickle up over the top. this is what you were talking about, david. it's not an easy lie with the left knee in the way of the follow-through. david: he's got -- his right knee is more kind of in the way of his backswing. as nick said, he's got to fly it all the way to the top level and that's the main problem here.
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so he's got to gird up his loins. a 15-foot check and let it run out. ian: if you practice this shot, sometimes a wedge or a 9-iron is the way to play it. nick: most definitely i'd be grabbing my 53 degree because, as i said, you can't turn as much. nick: yeah, exactly right. you throw your arms at it and you hit it. ian: went with the sand wedge and couldn't get enough leverage on it to hit it. david: that's when you change your mind in the downswing. you're going to hit close to the ball and you think no, that's going to be too close, and whoops. ian: difficult shot, especially in this situation.
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nick: it really was. you almost need to go away and rehearse it somewhere, replicate it out of the sand. ian: now he's got a really, really difficult chip and run from the downslope. you hate to get this up and down in regulation play. nick: he needs to get it inside of ted just to keep the pressure on. ian: right now he's got to think about holing this or at least getting it as close as he possibly can. good, clean contact. no, he didn't get clean contact.
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well, he'll have 20 feet left for par and right now he's not feeling very good about the whole situation. feeling unlucky that the second shot finished where it did. if it had been in the center of the bunker the shot would have been so much easier. nick: you quite often get a lie like that in a links bunker. i've played plenty of one knee. you put your left neon to the ground so you can get down low enough and then you should get the leverage -- ian: exactly. people don't realize how hard you have to swing to hit a 30-yard bunker shot. nick: yeah, when basically you're really stat frick the waist down. ian: that's why i would have taken more club and try to splash it out. anyway, he's got to hole this one for the five and apply enough pressure that at least ted potter jr. has to hole the putt for the four.
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now, troy kelly, in september of 2010 had an arthritic hip replaced. out here on tour in his 15th start. asking ted potter jr. to mark that ball aside. you must be sure to remember that you've done that. and you'll have to move that back, like zach johnson forgot to do at the colonial at the crowne plaza a couple of months ago. this putt will die slightly to the right. to our left. good speed. what a putt!
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these two guys have handled the pressure so well today. they've come from nowhere. nick: he probably thinks if i could have just gotten my bunker shot to 20 feet and done that. what a great putt here. ian: absolutely sensational. ian: to have that calm desire to be able to roll that in and make the stroke. david: especially when you consider if he missed that, it was a concession situation. ian: yes, when you have to do it there's no alternative. ted has replaced the ball mark. this one, if he hits it firm,
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it's very, very straight. but it's hard to hit film -- firm. maybe just a fraction for him. right to left. too firm for the line chosen. peter: this one's not dead either, ian. it's a good two and a half, three feet by. ian: that is the pressure of the playoff. wasn't a bad stroke. from his point chose the left edge. just a little bit too firm. nick: exactly. just a smidgen too much adrenaline. ian: when you've been in that position more often, you can handle it a little bit better, program. but when you are there the pressure is immense. nick: you have to recognize that you're pumped up and you just deal with it.
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wherever you feel it in your body just quiet it down. just by recognizing it is a good star. ian: and accepting it. nick: exactly. rather than guessing oh, my goodness i feel really weird. ian: firm and straight. well, they remain tied here in the playoff after two holes. both players two pars. what a way for troy kelly to make par here at 17 after the disappointment of the second, finishing up into the bank of the bunker. a putt from over 120 feet. when you remember that his best finish on tour is a tie for 37th. for ted potter, his best finish a tie for third. that was to win outright and now they'll head to the 18th
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for the third of the playoff holes. jim: absolute disbelieve. i just can't believe that we could have that turn of events. here we are back to the 18th. peter: it's why you never, ever give up in golf. give up in golf. jim: exactly. jim: so he's basically hit the same shot here twice. david: unsurprisingly, he's hitting a pitching wedge. nick: just commit to it.
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get the body through i. it will fly a lot strayinger than just the arms moving. he's done it again. ian: he's hit the same shot. nick: there's a difference now. didn't get over the ridge. jim: oh, boy. with his right-to-left ball flight, it seems like it's just really hard for him to set it -- goes to the left side. he doesn't look comfortable on that 18th tee. nick: you really have to commit to either your chest or your belt buckle getting through it. jim: now, potter, who has hit two shots right in the direction of the flagstick. nick: first time, four feet. second time was only two feet off the flag line. hopped off six inches off the back of the green.
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peter: hence no reason to change clubs. this is still a 9-iron. nick: third time lucky. peter: a little left of the hole but not much. nick: he's done exactly the same. hooked it over the ridge! jim: the same length putt of the one he missed at 17 but he's made one already at 1 today and we'll be back in just today and we'll be back in just a moment.
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jim: "big brother" season premiere thursday. wild and wacky once again. your summer pleasure. coming back. cbs this thursday, season premiere.
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ted potter, talk about a shot that suits his eye. he's in here snug. we haven't seen that many really today on the other side of the ridge. we're going to see from kelly here in a moment. nick: you're right, jim. there haven't been many. have a look on shot link. see what it can tell me. interestingly, the percentages are good. there's only been one three-putt from about a dozen guys down below the ridge. so odds are pretty good then to at least two-putt it. obviously nobody's made it from down there. jim: i can tell that you even watching the shots that land on the crest and trickle down, like potter's a moment ago.
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it's not lightning fast once it comes over the ridge. it's not going to run away from you and take off. nick: you're right. it's actually a nice pace. if it just gets over then the actual agree -- degree of slope will get it pin high. jim: they know how to create a little suspense here, don't they? three straight years, drama at the end of the greenbrier classic. i was talking to some of the locals about the cleanup and the perfect management of the week with all the concerts and the players coming in. huge galleries. some 2,000 volunteers are part of the story here in west virginia. the state so pridefully propping up this tournament as a showcase event for their great state. and all of this happening in a most difficult time here for the west virginians.
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so many still without power or water in many cases from the storm of nine days ago. so a testament again to great resolve, desire of the people of west virginia to put on a spectacular event, bring people here and show them a good time. nick: you're right. the staff in the hotel have a wonderful, welcoming attitude and unfortunately they're going home to no power, no water. so i hope that gets fixed at the spied of light. jim: now, kelly, guys on the green, what do you see from a bird's eye view? david: it's not pretty. under normal circumstances you'd be really happy with a two-putt but he's got to try and make this. up and over this buried rhinoceros or whatever it is. jim: here it comes. nick: keep breaking. david: good effort.
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nick: a great effort. jim: really nice putt. now potter will have a second, if you will, match point. peter: this putt is very similar to the one he missed back on the last hole because it's got a little bend to his right in it. if he loses pace. and looks to me like there's a storm coming right over the ridge. one way or the other. this might end up being the last hole. we saw some lightning. nick: really? jim: ted is 28. he turned pro after graduating from high school. just shortly after that at the age of 19. did not want to go and play college golf. took a long time for him to get it right. started last year. tour. had to go in a qualifying process to get in a field that
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would win and win again to make him eligible for the tour. now everything can change right here. got it this time! ted potter jr. is the champion at the greenbrier classic! >> it was awesome. >> enjoyed it. >> good stuff. >> hey, i want you guys to get out of here. we have something right on top of us. jim: warning there is threatening weather approaching. peter might have been right. that might have been it. nick: that's amazing. jim: here's the last time tonight on cbs. for lance barrow, steve milton, the production and technical teams here at cbs. jim nantz and nick faldo saying so long. ted potter is a winner on the pga tour. ning co to get detailed stock quotes to voice recognition. e-trade leads the way in wherever, whenever investing. download the ultimate in mobile investing apps, free,


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